How to Delete Messages/Contacts/Photos from Samsung Galaxy S6/Ace/Note Permanently

Part 1: Samsung Note 5 News
Part 2: How to Delete Messages/Contacts/Photos from Samsung Galaxy S6/Ace/Note
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Samsung Note 5 News

Samsung Note 5 appeared in the official website
Although the annual Samsung would choose to launch their latest flagship Galaxy Note series in September, but this year there is news that Samsung will debut the Galaxy Note 5 may be brought forward to August release. Despite rumors release time, the recent foreign media reports, there have been two new device models in Samsung's official website source code, the introduction of the Samsung Note 5 may be curved and dual screen version.( How to Transfer Contacts from S2/S3/S4/S5 to Samsung Note 5 )

Samsung's official website updated information, but the two devices models were SM-920 and SM-N925 models appear in the source code, the document camera on the front, plus or minus a problem with the camera lens optical image stabilization conducted explanation. Since the optical image stabilization feature of general application on more high-end phones, so presumably these two devices is the upcoming Note 5 campaigns.(Recover/Retrieve Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy)

Prior to the news comprehensive configuration, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 using 5.67 inches 2K resolution screen, the machine's memory may reach 4GB, 13 million pixels main camera, front camera 8 million pixels, or carry Xiaolong 810 processor or Exynos 7422 processor systems will Android5.1.1 Lollipop operating system.


How to Delete Messages from Samsung Galaxy S6/Ace/Note

I want to sell my Samsung Galaxy tablet after getting a new iPhone from work. I've done the reboot / factory reset to erase my personal info and history, but my photos, messages and contacts are still showing. Is it possible to erase EVERYTHING in order to sell it? I don't want anyone being able to access my previous accounts or information.

Whether you're reselling your smartphone or giving it to someone as a gift, you won't want other people to have your precious and private data. A factory reset will delete all of the data on your S6, but some of it may still be recoverable. Encrypting your S6 first and then performing multiple resets will help ensure that your data never falls into the wrong hands.

Why need to use special tool to erase/delete Samsung phone's data?

To delete messages or all data on your Samsung Galaxy phone without any possibility of recovery, you must use Android Data Eraser-Mobile Transfer, which is specially designed to help Android Samsung users to delete all files and personal information on any Android devices, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, ZTE, Meizu, etc. The deleting performed by the tool is permanent that no any data recovery software can get the deleted data recovered. After using the data eraser, all data like contacts, SMS, phone numbers, photos, user names, passwords, emails and many more will be erased completely from your Samsung mobile phone. You will get a totally new Samsung Galaxy S6 and you can sell or give it away safely. Next, we will wrote an illustrated step-by-step guide to show you how easy it is to erase Samsung data by using this data eraser program!


How to Delete Messages/Contacts/Photos from Samsung Galaxy S6/Ace/Note Permanently

Step 1 Install Android Data Eraser on a Computer

Install the program before you can do anything about data erasing. The download link supports both Windows and Mac computers. Only a few mouse clicks are needed. The main screen of the program is shown as follows:

Step 2 Select Erasing Option and Next
When the primary window appears, click Erase Your Old Samsung phone. This brings up the data erasing window.
As you can see from the screenshot, this Android Data Eraser tool has 4 models you can choose from. However, we choose Erase Your Old android Samsung this time, which leads to data erasing function.

Step 3 Begin to Erase Your Samsung Device Now
In this step, everything is set up well and the program will start wiping the device once the operation is confirmed. So please make sure all your data is backed up. If not, you can use the program to back up your device first. Click Erase Now button to start the erasing process. It will take a while to complete the task depending on how many files and apps stored on the device.

Note: A dialog comes out. Read the tips and enter "delete" in the box. 
After the data was deleted by the program, there is no chance to get them back because of the sophisticated algorithms adopted by the program. The traceable footprints have gone forever and no longer available by any data recovery software sold on the market place. Beyond this powerful function, it also provides a few other useful tools, like phone transfer to help you transfer content between different mobile devices plus a complete backup and restore option. After testing, we have to admit that this Android Data Eraser program is really a must-have tool if you changed your Android device frequently.

If you want to recover any data you lost or deleted on your Android Samsung phone, we recommend you the third-party Android Data Recovery software.



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