Samsung released Note 7

Samsung held a press conference in New York, released a new product series Note GALAXY Note 7, and a new generation of Note 7 not only has a double curved screen and hardware as well as a number of functions in on improved. The phone will begin in the US pre-order tomorrow, August 19 officially on sale, the National Bank has not yet started selling the version information.

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This year brought a Note only Samsung products, namely Note 7, it became the first in the history of Samsung's dual-curved screen Note phone. So far, Samsung also announced two major product lines for some time will probably have to double-curved screen as an important selling point.

At the same time in the design, Note 7 Note 5 continues the curved design on the back, so the side looks, the phone at the edge of the pros and cons of the two glass parts are inwardly recessed.

Note Screen size 7 remained at 5.7 inches with a resolution of 2K level, the use of Super AMOLED screen material, these and previous Note 5 no difference. Only difference is double curved screen appears on the Note 7.

In addition to the double-curved screen, USB type-C is the first appearance in the Samsung product line, Note 7 became Samsung's first mobile phone equipped with this interface products, but in addition to the interface, the frame of the phone keys, SIM card slot, speaker etc. Note 5 position compared to no change.

Core hardware, and condition of Note 5 appeared last year. In just five months, there is no way significant hardware innovation, and therefore the system hardware Note 7 continues the S7, the processor and the US version of the licensed by China Xiaolong 821, but there will be other regions like Japan and South Korea Samsung processor version. 4GB + 64GB memory combinations, technical support dual phase focusing 12 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front camera, battery Capacity 3500 mAh.

Similarly, there are two S7 has appeared on benign improvements have been inherited Note 7, this phone supports IP 68 dust and water as well as support (maximum 256GB) for TF card, and supports wireless charging Samsung and MST Chi Fu.

Note 7 system based on Android 6.0.1 build new functionality, support for iris recognition can be considered a new bright spot, provided to the user in addition to fingerprint outer another choice. Samsung phone on the left side of the handset adds an iris recognition sensor when you turn the iris recognition, the sensor will be lit. With iris recognition, Samsung's in Note 7 to create a secure folder, by unlocking the iris can store some private data or information.

Since it is a Note 7, the new S Pen certainly missed. Samsung mobile phones in this generation Note S Pen continue to strengthen the technical and functional hardware, the first root of the stylus is IP 68 dust and water, and supports 4096 levels of pressure sensing technology, the finest handwriting can to 0.7 mm.

GALAXY Note 7 will be black, silver, gold and a new blue optional, it is worth mentioning that the blue Note 7 in the frame portion using the golden transition, seemed more different.

Note 7 Samsung did not disclose the price, but from now on be able to buy the phone in the US market. Chinese version of the Samsung Note 7 will be released in the end, according to the Samsung official statements, licensed version of Note 7 will be some localized improvements.

And Note 7 Also announced a new version of the Gear VR, Note 7 in order to meet the new interface, the new Gear VR made a interchangeable interface design, both to ensure the use of Note 7, but also backward compatible with S7, Note 5 such as the use of mobile phones micro USB port.

While the new Gear VR has a new blue-black color, inside the screen viewing angle of 110 degrees, still built-in accelerator, gyroscope and NFC chip.

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