How to Move Apps from Samsung to Samsung Note 7

Note 7 adopts the design method of the positive and negative completely symmetrical; by giving people more design sense, to weaken the commercial atmosphere. Camera, as always, in accordance with the performance of Samsung's flagship camera, but also the continuation of the standard on the S7: 12 million pixel, F1.7 large aperture lens, dual pixel focus technology and so on, Its excellent performance makes our heart.

Note 7 product positioning is no longer just a business, mobile office. It increases the entertainment, multimedia properties; it will go to embrace a broader market, covering more people, to attract more user attention.

For many Android users, especially Samsung users, emergence of Note 7 makes many people have the desire to buy. So, I'll talk about when we buy a new cell phone, we'll have some basic problems. One is the transfer of mobile phone data. We always have the need to transfer the old phone Apps into the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, how should we do it?

Mobile Transfer is an accurate, secure data transfer software. You can use the software to transfer data and files between two mobile phones. At the same time, you can also backup, restore and delete the phone data through the software. In addition, the powerful Mobile Transfer’s method is very simple, you only need a few simple steps to achieve your goal. It doesn't require you to have very strong skills; you can manipulate the software fluently according to the tips of the program or the corresponding tutorial.

Then, let me tell you how to move Apps from Samsung to Samsung Note 7


Step 1.Download, install and run Mobile Transfer. Then, you will find the main interface has four options for you to choose. Please select "Phone to Phone Transfer ", click and enter next step.

Step 2. Next, you will be asked to connect your phones to your PC. So you need to prepare two USB data lines. After a successful connection, your old mobile phone will display on the left, Note7 will display on the right. If not, please click “Flip”.

Step 3. When your phones are connected successfully, the file type that can be transferred will be displayed in the middle window. You just need to check "Apps". Next, click on "Start Transfer". In this process, the phone always needs to be connected to the computer.



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