How to Transfer SMS Text Messages from iPhone to Note 7

My girlfriend is very fond of taking pictures and watching videos. She often complains that her iPhone 5s screen is too small. So I want to buy a Note 7 as a surprise for her. And finally the result is satisfying. And the girlfriend gave me a question; she wanted to transfer text messages from iPhone 5S to Note 7. What shall I do?

iPhone to Samsung Transfer is a software that can transfer data text messages from a iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE/6 to Samsung Galaxy Note 7. For example, the transfer of contacts from iPhone to Samsung phone note 7. It can achieve a variety of data transfer, such as contacts, text messages, music, video, etc.. It's powerful and not just in this function. It also features backup, restore, and delete functions.


Steps to Transfer SMS Text Messages from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy Note 7:

Step 1. Run Mobile Trans and select function

First, download the Mobile Trans to your computer, and then run it. Next, select and click on the function you need, please select "Phone To Phone Transfer".

Step 2. Connect two mobile phones to the computer

Please connect your mobile phone to your computer with the USB line. When the connection is successful, you need to determine whether the display of the phone is correct, because you need to make the old phone appear on the left. Click "Flip" according to the actual situation.

Step 3. Transfer mobile phone text messages to Note 7

Now, you can transfer your cell phone text messages from iPhone to Note7. In the middle of the window there are a number of projects, find and click "text messages", and then click "Start Transfer".


In addition, you can also experience other features. You can click on "Back To Homepage” to experience more.


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