How to Permanently Erase all Data from Samsung S5

How to completely remove the data in Samsung S5? I'm really in a hurry. I'm going to sell my Samsung S5 to the secondary market. When I put the phone back to the factory settings, I found that the data has been deleted has not disappeared. I search the Internet for related knowledge, I found that restore the factory settings and cannot completely remove the phone data, these data can still be recovered through professional software. I really need to completely remove all the contacts, vdieos, photos, sms text messages, call logs, music, bookmarks, login password and more from my samsung galaxy S5, how should I do?

Safe Eraser is a powerful software to delete. Since there is a professional data recovery software, then there will be data deletion software. And Safe Erase is a professional and safe software. You can use the software to completely delete all the phone data, and deleted data is not possible to recover by any data recovery software. You no longer have to worry about the phone data is compromised. And, it also can clean up the memory for your mobile phone, freeing up storage space.

You can download the Safe Eraser and have a try:


Steps to Delete all Data from Samsung Galaxy S5:

Step 1.Download and install SafeErase on your computer. Then run it. At the same time, your phone is connected to the computer with the USB line. You also need to open the USB debugging on your mobile phone.

Note: You may be asked to install MobileGo connector on your device, please install.

Step 2. Now, the program's window displays only one function module. You need to click on it and then go to the next step.

Step 3. At this point, the program's interface is as follows. Please read the text carefully and confirm that, next you have entered "delete" and click on the right bottom of the "Erase Now ". Then you need to wait for a while. At length, You need to follow the instruction on the device and tap Factory Data Reset to all wipe system settings.


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