Permanently Delete All Data from Samsung Note 7

How to delete Samsung Note 7's privacy information, documents and data? Generally, many people will choose delete data directly, or restore factory settings. But in fact this is not safe, deleted files can still use some software to restore integrity. When your mobile phone sold to the secondary market, the criminals can be recovered the old phone information by technical means, which will bring significant risks to your property security. Then how to completely erase all data from Samsung Note 7?

So we need a safe and reliable software to process mobile phone data. Safe Eraser is such a software.

Safe Eraser is a powerful software. It can completely delete the information in your Android Samsung phone to protect your personal privacy. It not only can clean junk files on the device, but also can free up devices' space and speed up your device. And this software is not perfect. At this stage, for Android mobile phone, it is only able to completely remove all of the Android Samsung galaxy phone files, and can not be selectively deleted data.


Next, let me show how to permanently delete all data from Samsung Note 7

Step 1. You need to download and install SafeEraser on your computer. And then run it. In addition, connect your phone with the USB line to the computer. When you connect the phone to your PC, the program will ask you to install the MobileGo connector. Please install.

Step 2. At this time, click on the interface of the only figure "Erase All Data".

Step 3. Next, the program will pop up a window, you need to read the contents carefully, and then input the "delete". Your mobile phone files have been completely removed. In the end, the program will show you what data you have deleted and how much you have data deleted.

Note. Since this software will completely remove your phone data, so you'd better back up the important phone data before this.


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