How to Transfer Data Contacts from HTC to Samsung Galaxy A7

"My roommate bought a new phone, Samsung Galaxy A7. She didn't use SD card to save any data, so she have to transfer contacts on HTC to Samsung Galaxy A7 one by one. The transfer process is long and boring. After 30 minutes, there are still lots of contacts left. She thinks that transferring one by one is a tiring job. "
How to Transfer Data Contacts from HTC to Samsung Galaxy A7? It is the question that the users who need to data transfer want to ask. Well, it is easy to transfer contacts from phone to phone now. You don't need to transfer one by one with Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer can transfer contacts, meesages, videos, photos and others flexibly and completely. This tool simplizes the transfer operation and reduces the time of data transfer. By the way, you don't need to worry about the compatible of Mobile Transfer because it supports iOS and Android system.


Steps to transfer data contacts from HTC to Samsung Galaxy A7.

Step 1. Open Mobile Transfer on the Computer
Download and install Mobile Transfer on the compute. Then open it and choose "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Then, connect HTC and Samsung Galaxy A7 to the computer.
After a while, you can see the images of devices on the position of source device and destination devices. The data will be transferred from the source device to the destination one, so you need confirm the position. If something is wrong, you can use "Flip" button to correct.

Step 2.Transfer the Selected File
Select "Contacts" from the content list to transfer.
And then, click "Start Transfer" button to begin copying contacts on HTC and transferring to Samsung Galaxy A7. Please be patient to wait the copying process finishing.

When copying process is over, the contacts are tranferred to Samsung Galaxy A7 successfully without losing any selected itmes.
During the whole process, the devices should be connected all the time.
Note:Before copying, if you want to erase data on the destination device, you can use "Clear Data before Copy" box.


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