Transfer SMS Text Messages from LG to Samsung Note 7

"I own two phones, one LG and Samsung Galaxy Note 7. I use LG at work and Note 7 out of my work. At first, I just want to seperate my work from my daily life. However, I come to realize the importance of having a copy of LG data on my Note 7 in case something terrible happen on my LG which will certainly have a bad effect on my work. But so far, I have not yet found the most efficient method."

If you want a efficient method, you should not miss Mobile Transfer. Mobile Transfer - phone transfer software is an application that allows easy transfer of contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, music, photos, app data, and apps between whatever iOS or Android devices in one click. It's famous for its transfer function--easy to operate, zero risk, common applicability. That's also why it can stand out from so many homogeneous products. Finished in two steps, it can't go wrong generally. Besides, the messages you want to transfer will be treated with extraordinary secrecy. Not only Android users, but iOS users can use Mobile Transfer. Whatever Samsung, LG, HTC, iPHone or Huawei users you are, you can use Mobile Transfer without any worry.

I will instruct you to transfer SMS and text messages from LG to Samsung Note 7 step by step below. But firstly, download Mobile Transfer on PC.


Step 1  Connect both of your devices to your PC

Finishing the download and installment on PC, run Mobile Transfer on PC and the user interface will crop up. It's consist of four patterns. Each refers to centain function. Then click on "Phone to Phone Transfer" and go on. Link both LG and Note 7 to PC via USB and then wait for a few minutes so that Mobile Transfer can detect your devices.


Step 2  Choose the file and Click "Start Transfer".

Then it will switch over to the next window where you can choose content to transfer. There is a list on the center of the window. Just tick SMS and messages here and then click on "Sart Transfer". Then it will start the process and the transfer will be finished in a few minutes which depends on the amount of the SMS and text messages. Make sure that both your devices are connected to the PC so that the transfer goes smoothly.

If you find that the source phone is not LG, you should click on "Flip" to exchange the position so that you can smoothly reach your target.


Also, you can check the "Clear Data before Copy" box if you want to erase data on the destination phone before copying the new data.


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