How to Transfer Calendar from iPhone to Samsung Note 7

Our mobile Tranfer is aging with the frequent use everyday. So it is common for people to replace the old device periodically. Data transfer is the most fundamental task people might come across when they change their phone because data mean a lot. Contacts, text messages and photos transfer are common. However, bringing over other data, such as call logs, calendars and apps, is a challenge, especially if you're changing phone platforms.

iPhone to Samsung Transfer allows you to transfer contacts, text messages, call logs, calendars, apps, photos, music, and videos between most phones, iPhone, HTC, Samsung and LG included. With iPhone to Samsung Transfer, you simply install the program, connect both your source phone and destination phone, and you can meet the end soon. The neat, clean interface makes it easier to operate. Needed no complex operations, you can complete the transfer with one-click performance.
Next, let's check how to use iPhoen to Samsung Transfer - Phone to Phone Transfer to transfer calendar from iPhone to Samsung Note 7 step by step.


Step 1. Connect your device to the computer

To transfer calendars from iPhone to Note 7, you can choose to click "Phone to Phone Transfer". Then connect both your devices to the computer via USB. Once the program detects them, it will show you next window.

Step 2. Choose the file and start to transfer

iPhone to Samsung Transfer identifies your phones, and lets you know how much content you have available to transfer. Besides the two devices, all the data that can be transfered are displayed in categories on the window. Above them is the "Flip" button. Check "Calendar" from the list. Then make sure that the positions of the source and destination phone are correct. The calendar should be transfered from source phone to destination phone. Now, click "Start Trasnfer" to begin the transfer. Never disconnect the devices until the process is completed so that you can finish it efficiently.



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