How to Transfer Contacts from Huawei to Samsung?

If you have no habit of saving contacts on your SIM card, then it may be frustrating to have to manually punch in all your contacts when you start using a new phone. Or you may used to save contacts to your phone's SIM card, but since the SIM cards vary in sizes, you cannot save all your numbers into the SIM card, especially when you have a thousands of contacts on the Huawei mobile phone. This is also mean just insert Huawei SIM card on the Samsung to get contacts on it. What's more, we all know that the SIM card of Samsung galaxy and Huawei is different, so even though you have saved all contacts on the SIM card, you still can't directly insert the card to your new Samsung mobile phone... All in all, you have to find a way to help you share or transfer contacts from Huawei to Samsung directly.(Moving Data from Samsung to Samsung)


It is no doubt that typing all your contacts list on the new phone could be a stupid yet time-consuming task, so here we could like to strongly recommend a third-party app for your reference, which called Mobile Phone Transfer program. It is an all-round desktop application, that can help users to transfer data like contacts, messages, photos, music, apps, etc. between two different mobile phone without considering about the operating system on the phone. What's more, the program have no requirement of any technical skill for both beginners and experts. So that you can handle it quickly with the user-friendly guidance on the interface.

Now, please don't hesitate to click the below icon to start transferring contacts from Huawei to Samsung or from Samsung to Huawei.


Steps on Transfer or Copy Contacts from Huawei to Samsung

Step 1. Run the Program and Select A Mode

Be sure the Samsung and Huawei mobile phone have connected to the computer via its USB cable at the same time, then you can directly launch the program, and you can see an interface like below. Here, directly choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode to share contacts between Huawei and Samsung easily.

Step 2. Check the Device Info and Select the File You Wish to Copy

The program will automatically recognize your device, and display them in the source and destination area randomly. Here, you can click "Flip" button to change the position according to your own needs. After that, mark the option of "Contacts" in the middle of the panel with a simple click.

Now, you can click "Start Copy" button to begin the transferring process as you like. And you can also check the whole process in the program just like below:



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  1. Phone Transfer program helps us to Transfer Contacts from Huawei to Samsung directly from computer. After connecting both Huawei and Samsung phones to computer via usb cables, the program will detect and list them on program window. Then we can choose the contacts we want to transfer between them.

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