Transfer Contacts SMS from Samsung to Note 7/Note 5

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung S5 Neo Exposure: equipped

Samsung flagship phone tend to be released in about a year to launch the aircraft shrink version, after Samsung Note 3 Neo and S3 Neo is an instance.According to foreign media reports SamMobile, Samsung is now ready to launch the Samsung S5 S5 Neo a shrunk version.(Transfer Data Contacts from Samsung to New Samsung)(Restore Samsung Data)

Allegedly, Samsung S5 Neo (SM-G903F) using 5.1 inches 1080p Super AMOLED screen, built-in 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM memory combination, rear 16 million pixel camera, equipped with 2800 mA battery, running Android 5.1 system. The aircraft measurements size of 142 × 72.5 × 8.1mm, weight 145 g. It is worth mentioning that the machine supports upgrade of 4G LTE-A networks, the front camera to 500 million pixels, the processor uses the downgrade Exynos 7580 eight-core processor --- which uses eight Cortex-A53 core, clocked at 1.6GHz.Exynos 7580 processor also recently appeared for the first time in TCL on the new machine P650M.
(Transfer Contacts from S2/S3/S4 to Samsung Note 4/Note 5)

Overall, in addition to the processor, front camera, network standard, Samsung S5 Neo and S5 are basically the same. In addition, according to foreign media reports, the aircraft will be single-card version and a dual card version of the two versions of the launch, S5 Neo dual card Edition model SM-G903FD, is expected to double the card more popular areas in China, India and Russia. Unfortunately, the foreign media did not give the Samsung S5 Neo specific time to market and price, netizens need to wait a long time.


How to Transfer Contacts SMS from Samsung to Note 7/Note 5

Samsung just released Galaxy Note 7 on the recent Mobile World Congress, and this new, beautiful and powerful device really attracted lots of people’s interests. Samsung Galaxy note 7 equips the brand new fingerprint identification chip, which enhances the fingerprint identification of the Galaxy cellphone. The users don’t have to slide the finger from up to down over the home button so that the cellphone can identify their fingerprints any more, but just need to put the finger on the home button, that’s all. And the more powerful fingerprint identification system also makes some other functions such as using your fingerprint to have a payment on cellphone become possible.

Can’t wait to purchase the Galaxy note 7? As an iPhone user, you may be very hesitating because it may be complicated and inconvenient for you to sync the contacts from your old Samsung Galaxy s2/s3/s4/s5/ace/note to the new Samsung Galaxy note 7 Android one. The common method you should know is that you can sync the android contacts with the help of the third party accounts such as Gmail or Outlook. You just need to add the account to your android samsung galaxy device, samsung for example, and sync the old Samsung galaxy contacts sms to the account’s remote service. And then on your Samsung Galaxy note 7, add the account to it as well so that you can sync the contacts text messages to the new cellphone from the remote service.

The method above is doable, but not the simplest. Actually you can find some professional phone data transfer tool which can help you transfer contacts messages from S2/S3/S4/S5/ace/A/note to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or other Android cellphone. Some good-designed tool is born to do such job. Such as Mobile Transfer, a professional third party data transfer tool, let you transfer many kinds of data such as music, video, SMS messages and of course the contacts from Samsung to new Samsung Galaxy note 7 within some simple clicks.


Easy way to move contacts messages from Samsung to Samsung galaxy note 7/Note 5:

Step 1:The interface of Mobile Transfer is pretty friendly. Here I will take Mobile Transfer (for Windows) for example, and Mac users can also follow the steps.

Step 2: Get your Samsung galaxy devices connected to the computer.

Now click “Start” and go into “Phone to Phone Transfer” window. Then connect your Android device Samsung galaxy devices. Just wait a moment until your devices are displayed in the primary window, and then we can go to the next step

Step 3: Transfer old Samsung contacts sms to Samsung galaxy Note 7/note 5

The last step is quite simple. Just get the checkbox before “Contacts” checked, and then click “Start Copy” button. Then Mobile Transfer will find out and try to copy all your contacts saved on your Android device to the Samsung galaxy note 7. What you need to do now is just to be patient and wait. The task will be completed automatically in a few minutes.

The Samsung to Samsung Data Transfer tool – Mobile Transer can also support other kinds of portable devices such as Nokia (Symbian), iPad, iPod and more. And help you transfer photos, videos, music, calendar and so on between two devices even though they are on different platforms. You really need to have a try.



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  2. Actually, we can use mobile phone transfer tool or google account to Transfer Contacts SMS from Samsung to Note 7/Note 5 directly. About the details, we can search online and choose the one we like.