How To Transfer Contacts Data Between Samsung Galaxy And HTC Aero/HTC One A9

Part 1 Hot News - HTC Aero - HTC One A9 Real Phone Of Video Being Leaked

The Dutch website leaked video only 7 seconds, and shows only partial details of HTC Aero real machine.

Despite being called "rescue work" of HTC Aero will not debut in the near future, but a variety of network-related message on the machine or the uproar. Recently, Taiwan media disclosure of the aircraft after the release date and retail price, the Netherlands website Techtastic has released the HTC Aero real machine video, and display the new machine uses a metal body, but compared to past speakers have shape change, indeed joined the 2.5D curved glass and has almost no frame design, and even joined the front camera flash color temperature, has a more significant difference compared to other models HTC M9 whole.

Real machine video leaked

The Dutch website leaked video only 7 seconds, and shows only partial details of HTC Aero real machine. However, with video footage we still difficult to find, the same as the metal body aircraft, although there chamfered corner portions, but no past exposure of the spy photos that round. Also, the machine's speaker shape than in the past there have been significant changes, and the introduction of 2.5D curved glass and almost no frame design, closer to previous exposure of the conceptual design shape.

In addition, the disclosure of the real machine video HTC Aero only has a larger size of the front lens, but also equipped with a color temperature of the flash, it seems to reflect the emphasis on self-timer function of the machine. However, more unfortunately, it is not yet on the back of the machine screen appears, so whether it will leak as in the past as the main camera on the back of the central design, still need further confirmation. Prior to this, there are friends broke the news that Cher called off trial production models, and has been the basis of the requirements of the real machine came to light on the internal structure of the small alteration, the thrust is to increase the battery capacity and increase the proportion of the screen, at the same time appearance also made some changes.

It is worth mentioning that, according to Taiwan news media eprice exclusive disclosure, said the official name of HTC Aero determination will be named HTC One A9, probably under the HTC high-end models in the new series of models.

Both processors program

HTC One A9 also has a more special place is the program will use two processors, respectively, MediaTek X20 10 core processor and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor.

Because both versions of HTC One A9 processor configuration is only change, so there are not many differences in the other specifications, but MediaTek version will not have the entire network functions. In addition, the alleged supplier also advance an exception for HTC Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, but the number only 800,000, so in the first quarter of next year sales of HTC One A9 just eight hundred thousand, it is possible to use limited force HTC fashion sale.

Part 2 Tutorial - How to Transfer Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Apps And More Data Between Samsung Galaxy And HTC Aero/HTC One A9

In recent years, the HTC and Samsung are the most popular Android mobile phone in the world, many people use this two of the most popular phone brands, some people will use HTC and Samsung Galaxy mobile phone at the same time. However, if you use two mobile phone at the same time, or you buy a new phone to replace the old phone, you need to transfer contacts and more from HTC to Samsung, or transfer data from Samsung to HTC, so you must be interested in how to directly switch you data between your HTC and Samsung phone.

To transfer all data between HTC and Samsung Galaxy device ain't an easy thing to do. Therefore, we need a professional tool to achieve it. Phone Transfer tool would be one of the best choices for you. Phone Transfer is a tool that capable to transfer data from Android phone to any other Android device. With it, you can easily transfer contacts, text messages, call logs, apps, photos, music and videos within one click. Here's how to move all of that precious data to your new phone.

You can download one on your PC and try to use it to sync any data that you want.


Step 1. Run Phone Transfer tool after Installing

Install and launch Phone Transfer tool on your computer and click "Start" to enter the Phone to Phone Transfer Window when see the primary interface as it is showed below.

Step 2. Connect both of your HTC and Samsung device to the Computer

Use the USB cables to connect both of HTC and Samsung device to your PC. When Phone Transfer tool detect your devices automatically, both of the two Android phones will be shown as "Source" and "Destination". Tick "Flip" if you want to relocate them.

Step 3. Transfer contacts messages photos and more between HTC and Samsung

After you choose the data that you want to transfer, contacts, SMS, music, photos, videos, call logs or apps included, you can click "Start Copy" to start transferring.

After the transferring progress complete, click "OK" to finish it.

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