Transfer Contacts, Photos, Vdieos from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Part 1: Something about Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Part 2: The way to transfer Samsung Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
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Something about Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The curved screen technology has been playing a very mature in the last year, Samsung will use it in the mainstream series Note above, this year on the larger sales GALAXY S series to reproduce again, the introduction of the double curve side of the screen GALAXY S6 Edge (parameter Forum software); perhaps feel the pressure of trying to help Samsung also introduced two models complement each other to retain the market, so the pressure does bring something good, metal frame + glass composition after the shell so that they become the color values Samsung highest double curve side of the screen brings us more customization possibilities.

GALAXY S series because they belong to, so Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge's body looks like and S6 are not great, one hand holding up five inches to get used to the big-screen machines for a long time and not burden us.

Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge fuselage volume of 142.1 * 70.1 * 70mm, weighs 132 grams, the parameters look slightly lighter than the Samsung GALAXY S6 slightly smaller, but the visual and somatosensory good little difference between the two. Because of the double curve side of the screen to join the Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge fuselage width is slightly narrower, and therefore more narrow border of the screen, the screen has a higher proportion.

Metal box + double curve side of the screen

And in the middle frame, GALAXY S6 Edge also removed the S6 as ridge, top and bottom middle is similar to the iPhone 6 is completely smooth arc, and both sides of the screen due to the side, and the remaining area is very narrow in the box of course in order to feel the same considerations made micro-arc treatment.

In addition to the metal frame, the Samsung galaxy S6 / S6 Edge design on another bright spot is that after using a glass case, and added a new "jewel color"; the official name called snow crystal white ligh DiamondMax platinum black and blue, and S6 Edge put the last one replaced with Songpo green. In addition to the double-sided glass static color is gorgeous, the "reflection of the beautiful colors curve" may also appear in different shades of color texture textures at different angles to the shell after the flip.

New side screen function points added

Note Edge relative to last beyond the simple basis that appears above the curved screen capabilities, the Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge made a considerable upgrade, in the era of unilateral curved screen, its function is mainly used as a ruler, a stopwatch or news content push, mainly acts as a smaller screen to save energy use. Samsung GALAXY S6 Edge firstly optimized for these features, the current from the side of the screen you can view missed calls, text messages, newsfeeds from the client, or the score fences. Weather settings, you can also choose the side or front of the screen.


The way to transfer Samsung Contacts to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

No one keeps using one phone for years at this age. With the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it is useful for you to learn some new and easy ways to transfer contacts from old Android Samsung devices to new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Here I will show you how to transfer your contacts from old Samsung Galaxy mobile  to Samsung galaxy S6 edge or Samsung galaxy S6 in just one click on Mac or Windows. You can now try the program MobileTrans, either version of the program enables you to transfer part or all contacts between the two phones in an easy way. In addition to contacts, the program can also transfer other files for you, such as calendar, videos, photos, music, apps, SMS text messages and more.

Next, let us share you the easily way to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

But first you can download the free trail version:


Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Step 1. Launch MobileTrans for Samsung mobile phone to galaxy S6 edge data transfer

To start with, please download the MobileTrans on your computer and install it. Then please run it to bring up a starting window. Then in the starting window, please click the button “Start” to bring up the phone transfer window.

Step 2. Make Samsung mobile phone and Galaxy S6 edge connect to computer

Now, please connect both your Samsung galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5 and galaxy S6 Edge/S6 to computer via two USB cables. You should keep the connection stable during the whole steps to ensure success of the process. The program will then detect your devices carefully and show them in the starting window.

Step 3. Sync contacts to Samsung galaxy S6 Edge from Samsung Galaxy mobile phone

Now in starting window, you can see all files on your old Samsung Galaxy phone are displayed in different categories. By default, all file types are ticked. If you want to transfer only contacts, please remove marks before all other files and then click the button “Start Copy”. You can also tick off other files you want to transfer in the step.



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