How to Transfer contacts from Old Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge

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Part 2: The Way to Transfer contacts from Old Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge
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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge News

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Performance

In general, the performance dished out by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is surprising. When I I talk about performance, I’m discussing all the device components including: the touch screen, processor, graphics chip, RAM, internal memory, cameras, connectivity and connectors.

While most functions work fast, it must be stated that the interface, namely the home-screen and app drawer screens, suffer from some unpleasant slowdowns. That said, it is still possible to substitute any other alternative available on the Play Store (see a list of the best Android launchers at the link). If you choose this route, those little problems will disappear immediately. Otherwise, hopefully an update will improve things.


The Way to Transfer contacts from Old Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 Edge

Transfer Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 edge Contacts

Transfer contacts from old Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 edge

When you buy a new Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 edge mobile phone,the first thing you want to do is transferring contacts from old Samsung phone to Galaxy S6/S7 edge.However,how to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy S4/S3/S5/Note to Galaxy S6 edge? This article maily teach you a easy way to copy phone number from old Samsung phone to new Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 edge directly.

Many Samsung fans want to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 edge,and the Samsung announced the Galaxy S6/S7 edge at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 1, 2015, as a fresh successor to 2014’s Galaxy S5. Aside from the general shape and size, there’s not much in common between the two models.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge possible release date:
The world is waiting eagerly for the Galaxy S6 edge to release, and according to sources, it may release sometime early next year, around April 2015, although it may be available for preorder in around February next year.

In one hand, we have the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. It’s the next iteration of the insanely popular Galaxy S line, and while some major changes in the battery and storage department have come along, it’s the “traditional” choice and an expected successor. People are gonna love it.

In the other hand, we have the Galaxy S6 (it kills me not to capitalize the e). Sleek, curvy and dare I say pretty, it’s the Galaxy S6 edge with a new style and a few cool side-a-licious things going on with it’s curved front display. Welcome to the future, baby. People are gonna love it, too.

Copy contacts from old Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 edge

Many people change their phones frequently and they are need to transfer contacts from from old Samsung to new Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 edge phones.If you have bought a new Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 edge,the first thin you need to do is transfer contacts from Samsung to Galaxy S6/S7 edge. If you have a need to cope your old Galaxy phone contacts to the new Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 edge, you come to the right place.

This Phone to Phone Transfer can help you transfer contacts between two Samsung Galaxy phones directly. It not only allows you transfer phone numbers from old Samsung to new Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 edge smart phone,but also can help you transfer other data such as music, photos, video, apps, text messages and call logs from one Samsung Galaxy to another new Samsung phone with retaining 100% quality .

Now, download the program for free and follow the steps below to have a try.


How to copy contacts from old Samsung to new Samsung S6/S7 edge

Step 1. Launch the program and connect both Galaxy phones to computer

To start with, launch this Mobile Transfer program after installing it. The primary window will pop up, select “Phone to Phone Transfer”, click “Start”. Connect both of your Galaxy phones to computer via 2 USB cables. This program will automatically detect your devices and shows it in the primary window.

Step 2. Transfer contacts to your new Galaxy S6/S7 edge

As you see, this program allows you to transfer everything from your old Samsung Galaxy phone to the new one. For those who only want to cope contacts, please remove marks before the corresponding content. Then click “Start Copy” button to begin the transfer. When the transfer over, don’t forget to click “Completed” button.


You can click “Clear data before copy“, if you want to empty the phone book on your destination phone.
Free download the phone transfer to cope Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to New Galaxy S6 edge.


In additional,many people buy a new Galaxy S6/S7 edge,However,you need to transfer all value contacts from old Samsung galaxy phone to the new Samsung galaxy S6/S7 edge,or backup Samsung phone contacts to computer.If you want to transfer all contacts from Samsung to Samsung galaxy S6/S7 directly,or backup contacts from Samsung galaxy S6/S7 edge to computer,this Phone to Phone Transfer allows you transfer contacts from Samsung galaxy to new Samsung galaxy S6/S7 edge or computer.

What’s more,before selling the old Samsung phone,you can use this powerful all-in-one Phone Transfer to delete Samsung data permanently without restore.


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