Moving Contacts from Galaxy S2/S3/S4 to Note 4/Note 5

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Samsung News

Recently, the domestic mobile phone boundless design models become common practice, and foreign designers also played inspiration, there will be no border designed for Samsung Note 5 , brought us cool handsome borderless Note 5 renderings, take a look it!

Overall, the rendering in Note 5 continues the rounded corners of the design, but the Home key flat, but did not use curved screen. But thanks to the borderless design, so that the field of view of the vast machine screen a lot.

Back of the fuselage and Samsung Note 4 Similarly, Samsung is still Logo and rounded square camera with LED flash, and the heart rate sensor. In addition it should be is the use of a full metal body.

Designers highlight of Samsung Note 5 F1 .8 large aperture lens, we expect Samsung will soon make this cut really. But, before Samsung Note 5 will be released in July, the news has been denied Samsung executives, so the majority of the star but also patience, and so the powder!


Transfer Contacts from S2/S3/S4 to Samsung Note 4/5

In old days, since the storage of cellphone is quite limited, we are not able to save all of the contacts forever. From time to time, we have to delete some of them in order to save the new ones. But now no one will get annoyed with it. Thanks to the development of the cellphone industry, we can save almost all of the contacts safely and muchly. All you have to be annoyed about is that how to transfer contacts from the old Samsung S2/S3/S4/S5 cellphone to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4/Note 5 directly.

Just as mentioned above, to export the contacts are enough complicated, let alone transferring them to new Galaxy Note 4. Fortunately you don’t need to do this by yourself, a powerful Samsung to Galaxy Note 4/Note 5 data transfer tool can help you make it. That is Mobile Transfer. With this effective tool, you don’t have to root your smartphone, find ways to export the contacts or input them to your new Samsung Galaxy Note 4/Note 5 with just one click. Samsung data transfer tool might be a lot, however, I think Mobile Transfer must be the best choice. Now let’s see how it works:
Steps to move contacts from S2/S3/S4/S5 to Samsung Galaxy Note 4/5

Step 1: Download Mobile Transfer to computer, and install it.


Step 2: Click “Start” button to go to the “Phone to Phone Transfer” mode. Under this mode, you can transfer the data between two cellphones, such as from HTC to Galaxy Note 4/5 data transfer.

Step 3: Get your old cellphone, just take Samsung galaxy for example connected to the computer. So do the Samsung Galaxy Note 4/5. The program will detect them quickly and then you will see them in the primary window.

NOTE: Be sure Samsung galaxy is on the left and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4/5 is on the right. If not, just click “Flip” to change their places.

Step 4: Tick the checkbox of “contacts”, and then click “Start Copy” button. A few minutes later, all the old Samsung galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5 contacts will be copied to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4/5 successfully. Just click “OK” to finish it.

Mobile Transfer can transfer so many other types of files such as videos, photos, contacts, music, even call logs from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy Note 4/5 or Galaxy Note Edge, and also transfer all data between Android and Android, Android and iOS, or even Android and Symbian easily just by several simple steps. You should download it and have a try by yourself.



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