Samsung will be equipped with the new S7 Clear Force pressure sensitive screen technology

[Abstract] Through this technology, users can screen smartphone operating differently for different functions, such as variable-speed slide to unlock screen, control games.

This year, Samsung Galaxy S6 series models are equipped with a variety of curved screen, including the Galaxy S6 Edge 5.1 inches and 5.7 inches Galaxy S6 Edge +, in addition, Samsung also launched last year, is only one side of the curved screen Galaxy Note Edge. And now a report from Vietnam Samsung plans to tell us on a curved screen smart phones next year.
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According to the report, next year, Samsung will release a curved screen smartphone and will belong Galaxy S7 series. Today Samsung's surface smartphone achieved relatively good results, and next year in addition to the Samsung Galaxy S7 curved screen will flourish, will launch two different versions of the Galaxy S7, respectively, 5.2 inches and 5.8 inches, while the latter even after possible with a new curved screen form.

In addition to the curved screen, according to leaks from the micro-Bo said, Samsung will also cooperate with well-known touch technology vendors Synaptics, the Galaxy S7 is equipped with the company's new R & D ClearForce sensitive touch screen technology. Synaptics's ClearForce technology similar to Apple on iPhone 6s use 3D Touch, you can achieve different operating smart phone screen different functions, such as variable-speed slide to unlock screen, control games.

Previously, Huawei launched the first smart phone to support the technology Mate S, it is to use the company's 3700 series Synaptics technology that enables the identification of different pressing efforts. The Synaptics company has started cooperation with a number of smart phone manufacturers, we plan to substantially promote the use of the technology products in 2016.

It seems Samsung will also join the full support of the pressure-sensitive screen technology boom, in the first quarter of next year launch a new flagship Galaxy S7 were supported. In fact, starting from the 3D Touch iPhone's, this technology has become increasingly popular trend in the future I believe that with more developer support, which can identify the different dynamics and different operating pressing touch technology, will slowly becoming mainstream.

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